"hab·it·a·ble (/ˈhabədəb(ə)l/) 
adjective — suitable or good enough to live in."

Welcome to the Habitability Laboratories,

My name is Dr. Vlada Stamenković, I am a Research Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, where I explore the co-evolution of planets & life, from origins until the bitter end. I am particularly interested in how water & nutrients move within a planet and how those enable life to emerge and persist—on the Earth, Mars and beyond. Next to science, I am also developing the technologies needed to search for subsurface water beyond Earth, and help create affordable tools for bringing clean water to everyone on this planet.  Water is life, on the Earth and on Mars—bridging astrobiology to sustainability.   

Check out TH2OR, an instrument that I am developing with my wonderful team at JPL to search for liquid groundwater on Mars and help easier find water on our own home planet.