Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Published Publications

  1. Stamenković, V., et al. The next frontier in planetary and human exploration, Nature Astronomy, January 14 2019.
  2. Stamenković, V., Ward, L. M., Mischna, M., Fischer, W. W., 2018. O2 solubility in martian near-surface environments and implications for aerobic life, Nature Geoscience, published online Oct 22 2018.
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  5. Bourrier, V., de Wit, J., Bolmont, E., Stamenković, V., + 12 co-authors, 2017. Temporal Evolution of the High-energy Irradiation and Water Content of TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets. The Astronomical Journal, 154, 121-137. Find on:
  6. Stamenković, V., Höink, T., Lenardic, T., 2016. The importance of temporal stress variation for the initiation of plate tectonics. JGR Planets, 121, 1–20. Find on:
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  13. Stamenković, V., Keller, G., Nesic, D., Cogoli, A., Grogan, S.P., 2010. Neocartilage formation in 1 g, simulated, and microgravity environments: implications for tissue engineering. Tissue Engineering: part A, 16 (5), 1729-1736. Find on:

Peer-reviewed Book Contributions

  1. Stamenković, V., 2011, 2015. Serpentinization (Mars). In: Gargaud, M., et al., (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Part 19. Springer, 1505-1506. Find on:
  2. Stamenković, V., Frank, S., 2011, 2015. Rheology of planetary interiors. In: Gargaud, M., et al., (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Part 19. Springer, 1452-1455. Find on:

Technology Publications

  1. Stamenković, V., & Keller, G., 2003. CHONDRO, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.
  2. Keller, G., & Stamenković, V., 2002. Study of the process of cartilage structure formation in microgravity, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.
  3. Stamenković, V., Keller, G., Walser, S., Fuchsberger, G., 2001. LYMPHOSIG – LIDIA3 Hardware test and behavior of two fluids mixing for T-Lymphocyte investigation on MASER, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.

Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. Sohl, F., Noack, L., Stamenković, V., Breuer, D., Wagner, F.W., 2010. Thermal state of Earth-like exoplanets: Implications for CoRoT-7b. In: Eos Trans. AGU, 91 (26). The Meeting of the Americas, 8-12 Aug. 2010, Brazil.
  2. Stamenković, V., & Breuer, D., 2009. Hades: Habitability of the deep subsurface, In: Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, Springer.

Peer-Reviewed Papers In Review

  1. Stamenković, V., Lewis, W., Mischna, M., Fischer, W., 2018. Aerobic environments on Mars. In review.
  2. Lewis, W., Stamenković, V., Mischna, M., Fischer, W., 2018. Follow the oxygen: comparative histories of planetary oxygenation and opportunities for aerobic Life. In review.