Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Published Publications

  1. Carrier, B. et al., (incl. Stamenković, V.), Mars Extant Life: What’s Next? Astrobiology, in press. Find on:
  2. Lewis, W., Stamenković, V., Mischna, M., Fischer, W., 2019. Follow the oxygen: comparative histories of planetary oxygenation and opportunities for aerobic Life. Astrobiology, 19. Find on:
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  5. Yuk, Y. et al. (incl. Stamenković, V.), 2018. Methane on mars and habitability: challenges and responses. Astrobiology, 18, DOI: 10.1089/ast.2018.1917.
  6. De Wit, J., et al. (incl. Stamenković, V), 2018. Atmospheric reconnaissance of TRAPPIST-1’s Habitable Zone Exoplanets. Nature Astronomy, doi:10.1038/s41550-017-0374-z. Fin on:
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  15. Stamenković, V., Keller, G., Nesic, D., Cogoli, A., Grogan, S.P., 2010. Neocartilage formation in 1 g, simulated, and microgravity environments: implications for tissue engineering. Tissue Engineering: part A, 16 (5), 1729-1736. Find on:

Peer-reviewed Book Contributions

  1. Stamenković, V., 2011, 2015. Serpentinization (Mars). In: Gargaud, M., et al., (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Part 19. Springer, 1505-1506. Find on:
  2. Stamenković, V., Frank, S., 2011, 2015. Rheology of planetary interiors. In: Gargaud, M., et al., (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Part 19. Springer, 1452-1455. Find on:

Technology Publications

  1. Stamenković, V., & Keller, G., 2003. CHONDRO, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.
  2. Keller, G., & Stamenković, V., 2002. Study of the process of cartilage structure formation in microgravity, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.
  3. Stamenković, V., Keller, G., Walser, S., Fuchsberger, G., 2001. LYMPHOSIG – LIDIA3 Hardware test and behavior of two fluids mixing for T-Lymphocyte investigation on MASER, ESA Erasmus Experiment Archive.

Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. Sohl, F., Noack, L., Stamenković, V., Breuer, D., Wagner, F.W., 2010. Thermal state of Earth-like exoplanets: Implications for CoRoT-7b. In: Eos Trans. AGU, 91 (26). The Meeting of the Americas, 8-12 Aug. 2010, Brazil.
  2. Stamenković, V., & Breuer, D., 2009. Hades: Habitability of the deep subsurface, In: Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, Springer.